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  • Jarrow History Tour

    Jarrow History Tour

    Jarrow History Tour offers a fascinating insight into the history of this town in the north-east of England.

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  • Jarrow at work.

    Jarrow at work.

    Jarrow at Work explores the life of this Tyneside town and its people, from pre-industrial beginnings through to the present day, in a fascinating series of contemporary photographs and illustrations. It takes us through the phenomenal growth of the shipbuilding industry in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, its subsequent decline and brief revival during the First World War when the Royal Navy needed more ships, post-war nationalisation of the shipbuilding industry, the closure of the last shipyard in the town in 1981, and finally how the town is coping today with the loss of such a major part of its history.

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  • A-Z of Jarrow: Places-People-History

    A-Z of Jarrow: Places-People-History

    The Tyneside town of Jarrow has had an interesting, colourful and often turbulent history. Within the pages of this book, local photographer and author Paul Perry takes the reader on a nostalgic alphabetical tour of its most loved and recognisable places and people.

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